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Comics, children's books, art and foreign languages: Barcelona's specialist bookshops 17/04/2023

A carefully curated selection of books, a bookshop with personality or a passionate bookseller behind the counter, are some of the trademarks of specialist bookshops. If you're a book lover, you know the score: finding a bookshop that caters to every need is like finding a hidden treasure. Barcelona has more than 300 bookshops, but they don't all offer the same thing. That's why we are bringing you our pick of the specialist bookshops you'll find in Barcelona, which was recognised as a city of literature by UNESCO in 2015.

Barcelona, world capital of books for children and young people

In 2028, the Catalan capital will be hosting the IBBY World Congress, the leading event about literature for children and young people. We can say with confidence that the city's bookshops will rise to the occasion: there is no shortage of wonderful, colourful places that will open the doors to the kids' imagination and help them learn.

Llibreria Al·lots

Interior bookshop Al·lots

Consell de Cent, 266

Founded in 1996, for many years this was the only bookshop in Barcelona specialising in books for children and young people. Al·lots is situated on the left side of the Eixample and stocks a hand-picked selection of classics and new books for first-time readers. The knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose the right book.

Casa Anita

Interior Casa Anita

Vic, 14

This bookshop, in the heart of the Gràcia neighbourhood, has been designed so that kids and young people can browse the shelves, discover what they want to read and take part in activities, workshops and storytelling sessions. Casa Anita specialises in picture books and is a fun place for adults too. After all, a great book for children is also a great book for adults.

Photo: Gabriel Jubete

Llibreria Sendak

Interior Llibrería Sendak

Còrsega, 461

The founders of this cooperative bookshop, which is named in tribute to the author of the classic picture book Where the Wild Things Are, have created a welcoming space with an interesting selection of books than will introduce kids to the joy of reading. You'll also find games that will stimulate their imagination and ability to make up stories.

Photo: Núria Càrcamo / Llibreria Sendak


Interior Abracadabra

General Álvarez de Castro, 5

Diversity, creativity and a carefully selected choice of stories and picture books are the hallmarks of this bookshop in the Born. It has been designed to awaken the curiosity of kids and the people reading along with them. You'll also find titles in foreign languages (English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese) as well as a selection of educational toys and unique items.

A haven for comic fans and lovers of geek culture

The shopping area that stretches from the Arc de Triomf along Passeig de Sant Joan to Ronda Sant Pere is known as the triangle friqui, or geek triangle. Here you'll find thirty bookshops that have made it a mecca for lovers of geek culture, as well as go-to stores dedicated to comics, science fiction, videogames and everything to do with Japan. Barcelona readers' passion for the genre goes back a long way, and the success of the Barcelona International Comic Fair, which is one of the most important in Europe, is proof of this.

Norma Comics

Interior Norma Comics

Passeig de Sant Joan, 9

Founded in 1983 by the publishers Norma Editorial, and with more than 700 m2 of retail space, this is one of the most important comic bookshops in the world and has three main sections: US comics, European comics and manga. It also organises book signings with some of the leading authors on the comic book scene. In 2018, it won an Eisner award (the Oscars of the comic book industry) for best international bookshop.


Interior Gigamesh

Bailèn, 8

With its motto that proclaims "vice and subculture", Gigamesh is Europe's biggest bookshop specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Its collections have grown over the years as the different genres have grown in popularity and it is now at the height of its success. You'll also find board games, role-playing games and collectible trading cards.

Photo: Alba Herre

ECC Cómics

Interior ECC Comics

Bonavista, 30

The publishers of the DC Universe comics (Superman, Batman, Sandman and Watchmen) in Spanish opened a new shop with 400 m2 of retail space in 2023. You'll find it in Gràcia just outside the geek triangle. It stocks some 25,000 titles, including European and North American comics, graphic novels and manga for all ages, as well as merchandise, with a special focus on Star Wars.

Photo: ECC Ediciones

Continuarà Còmics

Facade Continuarà Còmics

Via Laietana, 29

You'll find Barcelona's oldest comic bookshop in the old town, Ciutat Vella. It has become one of the city's most popular places for comic fans, and puts special emphasis on first editions, originals and collectible figures. It stocks a comprehensive selection of Spanish and imported comics and graphic novels.

Temples for bibliophiles and art lovers

Bibliophiles and collectors are well acquainted with the inexhaustible pleasure of browsing exhibition catalogues, books of photographs, artist's editions and publications devoted to towering figures, such as Picasso, Miró and Tàpies. Between 2023 and 2025 the city will be commemorating all three with three special anniversary celebrations. In addition to museum bookshops, you'll find bookshops dedicated to art and visual culture, which are museums in their own right.

Finestres d'Art i Còmic

Interior bookshop Finestres d'Art i Còmic

Diputació, 250

The bookshop Finestres has another branch inside the modernista building, the Casa Garriga i Nogués, which is dedicated exclusively to art. Between its twin iron columns and beneath its lofty ceilings, you'll find 12,000 titles on photography, music, design, architecture and many more disciplines. It also specialises in comics and illustrations.

Photo: Talking Design Studio

Llibreria ArtsLibris

Interior bookshop Art Libris

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 627

The ArtsLibris project dates back to 2009 and started life as a book fair specialising in artist's books, photo books, contemporary thinking and self-published books. More than a decade later, it has reinvented itself to become a meeting point and a dynamic, permanent bookshop, which champions the book-object.

Ona Llibres

Interior Ona Llibres

Pau Claris, 94

The legendary bookshop's big sister. Ona opened its doors in 2020 with a firm commitment to the Catalan language and with a mission to bring the arts to a wider audience. An installation by the artist welcomes us inside the shop where you'll also find a lithograph by Damien Hirst, handwritten lyrics by Bob Dylan and a number of artist's publications on display.

Travel around the planet without leaving Barcelona

If you want to learn and practise foreign languages, read your favourite book in its original language and immerse yourself in the culture of a particular part of the world, you can travel around the planet without leaving Barcelona thanks to its specialist international bookshops.

Come In

Interior Come In

Balmes, 129

Since it opened in 1984, Barcelona's English bookshop has been the go-to place for anyone interested in the language. You'll find textbooks for teachers and students, fiction and non-fiction and children's books. It's an absolute must if you want to read Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and Paul Auster in their original language.


Interior Llibreria Jaimes

València, 318

Barcelona's French bookshop was founded just after the end of the Spanish Civil War with the aim of building a cultural bridge between the Catalan capital and France. You'll find the latest French novels and essays, essential classics and a carefully curated children's section. It's the place to find the original works by the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in literature, Annie Ernaux.

Le Nuvole

Facade Le Nuvole

Sant Lluís, 11

The clouds that give their name to this Italian bookshop may bring to mind Fabrizio de André or Pier Paolo Pasolini. Since 2011, Barcelona has had this meeting point where people can explore Italian culture, discover classical and contemporary literature, and attend presentations, screenings and writing workshops.

Lata Peinada

Interior bookshop Lata Peinada

De la Verge, 10

The first bookshop dedicated solely to Latin American literature opened in 2019 in the Raval neighbourhood. Its catalogue includes classics as well as less well-known narrative works, poetry and essays. It also runs a wide programme of cultural events designed to build the community.

Barcelona, the only city in Catalonia visited by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, has been a source of inspiration to writers of the calibre of George Orwell, Jean Genet and Roberto Bolaño. The Catalan capital has a strong literary tradition and its wealth of bookshops serves to reaffirm this essence. It's time to discover them!

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