Museu Banksy

Nobody knows who he is but everybody knows him. Banksy is the master of street art who has managed to keep his identity secret despite the far-reaching impact of his art works and happenings around the world. Following the success of the exhibition The World of Banksy, in Paris, Barcelona's Banksy Museum brings us an exhibition of more than 130 works by this unique artist, as well as an amazing immersive experience.

The Banksy Museum reveals the different facets of this world-famous artist with an exhibition of some of his most famous works, with additional descriptions and information. The videos and immersive experience will give you a different and unique glimpse into his world. The museum also gives you the opportunity to take a guided tour in English, Spanish, Catalan, French or Italian (and other languages on request) with one of the expert guides, to gain a better insight into the meaning of Banksy's murals.

We know very little about Banksy except that he was born in Bristol (UK) in the middle of the 1970s. He began working at the height of the graffiti boom and became particularly famous for his themes that reflect on pop culture, ethnicity, war and politics, always from a satirical stance.

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