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Marina Port Fòrum

Port Fòrum is a marina located in Barcelona that offers all the necessary services for a safe and comfortable stay. It is conveniently situated just 15 minutes from the city center and 20 minutes from the Josep Tarradelles international airport. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of recreational, commercial, and dining activities during their stay at Port Fòrum.

Getting around from Barcelona is easy thanks to multiple public transportation options located just 5 minutes from the pedestrian entrance of the port. The marina is also connected to exits 25 and 26 of the Ronda Litoral, making it very easy to reach.

At Port Fòrum, every detail has been carefully designed to enhance the stay of the crews, including access to the Beach Club, the beach, a wide variety of gastronomic and shopping options, and the opportunity to participate in various water sports.

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