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Climate in Barcelona

Barcelona is a Mediterranean, coastal city with a temperate and sunny climate. This gives annual temperatures above 16°C / 60.8°F, with mild winters and hot summers. The city has an annual rainfall of 700 mm and spring and autumn are the rainiest seasons. We'll tell you more about the different seasons below:


  • March: 15.9°C/60.62°F Maximum | 7.8°C / 46.04°F Minimum
  • April: 17.8°C / 64.04°F Maximum | 10.8°C / 51.44°F Minimum
  • May: 23.6°C / 74.48°F Maximum | 15.2°C / 59.54°F Minimum
  • June: 24°C / 75.2°F Maximum | 16.2°C / 61.16°F Minimum

A light jacket and sunglasses are the essentials you'll need to pack for spring in Barcelona. Mornings can be warm and sunny, so put on your sunglasses and take the time to wander through the parks and gardens that are in flower. Mornings are also the perfect time to do open-air sports, like jogging or cycling. The temperatures are lower at night and you may need your jacket if you want to keep enjoying the city. It often rains without warning in March and April, so don't get caught out! If you've forgotten your umbrella or extra clothes, make sure you visit the city's open-air retail district, the Barcelona Shopping Line, which is one of the biggest in Europe. It is packed with shops surrounded by sublime architecture. You'll find what you're looking for at some of the city's unique, centuries-old shops and shopping centres and the retail quarters in every borough. Make your slip-up a new experience!


  • June: 24°C / 75.2°F Maximum | 16.2°C / 61.16°F Minimum
  • July: 29.4°C / 84.92°F Maximum | 20.5°C / 68.9°F Minimum
  • August: 29.9°C / 85.82°F Maximum | 21.1°C / 69.98°F Minimum
  • September: 26.1°C / 78.98°F Maximum | 17.4°C / 63.32°F Minimum

Barcelona's coastal location is one of its main attractions. But, in spite of this, the temperatures can be a bit stifling in summer. There's no need to worry! There are amazing beaches where you can cool off and feel the Mediterranean sea breeze while you practise water sports. The days are long, so there are many more experiences to enjoy, like treating yourself to an ice cream, enjoying the terraces and pavement cafés, and sampling the Catalan dishes the hotels and restaurants serve up until late in the evening. Swimwear, cool clothing and comfortable footwear will ensure you get the most out of the celebrations, concerts, and neighbourhood festivals, such as Gràcia and Sants.


  • September: 26.1°C / 78.98°F Maximum | 17.4°C / 63.32°F Minimum
  • October: 20.7°C / 69.26°F Maximum | 12.0°C / 53.6°F Minimum
  • November: 27.9°C / 82.22°F Maximum | 11.4°C / 52.52°F Minimum
  • December: 12.4°C Maximum | 6.2°C Minimum

Are you planning to visit Barcelona in autumn? Of course, the climate isn't as reliable but there are things to do to in all weathers. If it rains, you can take shelter with a cup of thick hot chocolate at one of the city's granjas. If it's a sunny November day, you can head to the beach for an aperitif by the sea. Autumn is also the grape harvest season and the time of year when the wineries near the city offer authentic wine and food experiences. If the weather's bad, make the most of your visit and enjoy Barcelona's cultural offering: UNESCO World Heritage sites, entertainments and concerts for all tastes, over 40 museums covering different areas of interest, photography exhibition centres, art galleries… Every cloud has a silver lining… and great culture too!


  • December: 12.4°C / 54.32°F Maximum | 6.2°C / 43.16°F Minimum
  • January: 13.3°C / 55.94°F Maximum | 6.8°C / 44.24°F Minimum
  • February: 16.5°C / 61.7°F Maximum | 9.0°C / 48.2°F Minimum
  • March: 15.9°C / 60.62°F Maximum | 7.8°C / 46.04°F Minimum

Although winter is the coldest time of the year, most afternoons in Barcelona bring warm sunshine and the streets are thronging with people. The clear, cloudless skies give us better views of the city from any of its viewing points. Winter is synonymous with snow and mountains. Snow in Barcelona? Not in the city, but close by: just 90 minutes away by public transport you'll find the ski resorts of La Molina and Masella, which offer more than 145 km of slopes to satisfy your thirst for an adrenaline rush with just one ski pass. If you prefer to stay in the city, from November onwards you can experience Barcelona's innovative Christmas. Do you want to know what it's like? We'll tell you here about the 10 reasons that make it unique.

Have you decided when to come? We're looking forward to seeing you!

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