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Science and family tourism go hand in hand in Barcelona

Explore the city on foot while you discover scientific secrets on these sightseeing trails that are perfect to enjoy with the family

When we travel as a family we want to enjoy unique experiences together that we'll remember forever. If we put the power of science into the mix, as a way of helping us better understand the world around us, this will make a failsafe plan to discover Barcelona's most scientific, innovative and technological side. Share the curiosity and fascination for science with your loved-ones with these great ideas.

Science with the family

Four keys to planning your visit to scientific Barcelona

Barcelona is a big city teeming with life. How can you get the most from your visit? This blog gives you four keys so you can fit in as many things as possible to ensure you have boosted your knowledge and your memories of the city are full of unique experiences.

Rambla de Mar

Did you know Einstein visited Barcelona in 1923?

That's right! One of the leading scientists of the 20th century visited the Catalan capital to give three lectures.
Follow in the footsteps of this eminent scientist by visiting the Port Vell, where history and present coexist side by side. Cross the wooden walkway over the harbour, La Rambla del Mar, which is one of city's most iconic sights. Or, if you want, you can enjoy the full Einstein Trail, which covers a distance of 6 kilometres.

Aquàrium Barcelona

Discover the secrets of the sea at Barcelona's Aquàrium!

The Port Vell is also home to the Aquàrium de Barcelona. With its 35 tanks and 11,000 animal species, it is the world's most important sea life centre specialising in Mediterranean species. One of the main attractions is the undersea tunnel, with 360º views that allow you to see sharks and other marine species up close. During your visit, you'll also find a hand-picked selection of educational material to help you learn while you have fun with the family.

Fabra's Observatory Barcelona

Be blown away by the power of light and reach for the stars with the telescopes at the Observatori Fabra

Barcelona has always been committed to science, innovation and technology. Share your curiosity and learn about science with your family on this trail which is perfect for everyone. Visit the Observatori Fabra on top of Tibidabo and follow the way to the stars, see what the time is at the iconic clock tower overlooking the Mediterranean and be blown away by the spectacle of light and colour at the Magic Fountain on Montjuïc. Unforgettable moments you'll remember forever.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Learn about the secrets of light at Museu de la Ciència Cosmocaixa

If we say that there's a part of electromagnetic radiation that can be seen by the human eye, not many people will know we're talking about light. This form of energy lights things, makes them visible and fills the world with colour. At Barcelona's science museum, Museu de la Ciència Cosmocaixa, you'll be able to learn about the secrets of light and how science explains the world around us in an accessible and entertaining way. It is one of the points of interest on our self-guided walking tour of Barcelona dedicated to light, which illuminates up our lives.

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