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Sant Jordi, UNESCO World Book Day

Sant Jordi Calendar

Sant Jordi calendar

Check out everything you need to know to enjoy and experience Sant Jordi in Barcelona. We tell you all the news and activities for all ages around the day. There are lots of ideas!

Sant Jordi a Barcelona

23rd April, Sant Jordi. Find out why you'll want to be in Barcelona

Discover one of the most important festivals in Catalonia that unites the celebration of the Day of the Book and the Feast of the Rose, symbols of Culture and Love. Learn about the legend and traditions!

Sant Jordi's Roses

The tradition of roses and books

Roses and books are the most distinctive elements of this celebration and over the years have become its true protagonists. The symbol of the rose and the book has been present in society for decades and has become a firmly established tradition.

Legend of Saint Jordi

The legend of Saint Jordi

Who was Saint Jordi, or Saint George? Historical events merge with the fantasy and reality of the legends. There are myriad interpretations about the knight who fought to defend a princess. We invite you to discover what's true from all the information about this figure who is so important to Barcelona and Catalonia.

Dragons of Sant Jordi

Barcelona's dragons and roses

The dragon and the rose are central to the legend of Saint Jordi. In fact, they play such an important role that throughout history many places in the city have left the imprint of these two elements in their buildings. They are waiting to be discovered.

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