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Convent de la Mercè

The current Captaincy General of Barcelona is located in what was the former Convent of La Mercè. The building was deconsecrated in the 19th century and since then has been in civilian use.

The convent used to form part of the religious complex of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, together with the Basilica of the Virgin of La Mercè from which it is nowadays separated. The building has baroque and neoclassical elements, and occupies an entire block with an entrance on Passeig de Colom. When it was built, the main façade was the one facing Plaça de la Mercè.

Its rectangular layout is made up of four "crugies", or bays, that surround the site. The central bay divides the central cloister from the inner courtyard.The access from Plaça de la Mercè leads to a large vestibule housing a grand staircase of honor that ascends to the main floor.

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