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    Lleida city is located 150 Km to the west of Barcelona and near the river Segre, and offers beautiful spots which are ideal for a stroll, as well as an extensive cultural heritage which includes Romanesque-, Gothic-, Baroque-, Neoclassical- and Modernista-style churches. The typical dish is snails and thousands of them are eaten every year at the snailfest known as the "Aplec del Caragol".

    A statue of Indíbil and Mandonius by the Arch of the Bridge (18th century), the ancient gateway to Lleida city, reminds us of the two Iberian chiefs who staged an uprising against Rome in the 3rd century BC. The imposing outline of the Romanesque cathedral, the Seu Vella, (13th century) stands out on the top of the walled hill. The gothic cloisters (14th century) are among the biggest in Europe and the 51-metre-high bell tower (15th century) boasts matchless views of Lleida and the river Segre. Inside the cathedral grounds is the Muslim fortress of la Suda and the King's Castle (9th-13th century). Lleida's city hall is housed in the Palace of la Paeria (13th century), a Romanesque civil building which has undergone a number of alterations. The new cathedral (18th century) is baroque in style with a classical French influence. Next to the cathedral is the Eix Comercial, a 3.5 Km retail thoroughfare which is one of the best places to shop and relax in Lleida. The most popular celebration in Lleida city is the three-day snailfest, the Aplec del Caragol, during which people eat tons of snails.

    On the river Segre, the parc de la Mitjana is a natural space with signposted trails which preserves mediterranean riverside woodland ecosystems.

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