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Boat hire

The Mediterranean is a great ocean with a long tradition of sailors and navigators. This is particularly true of the Barcelona coast. From great cruise liners to small pleasure craft, Barcelona has room for boats of all sizes. A network of ports and marinas with top-class mooring services runs from north to south of the coast and will welcome you with characteristic Mediterranean hospitality. But if you don't have a boat, well, you can always hire one: motor boats or yachts of all sizes, skippered or unskippered, for your own personal use or shared...

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  • Escola Port

    You don't need to be able to handle a boat to enjoy sailing on one. Your skipper will take you along the coast of Barcelona and let you take the helm.
    Meeting point: Moll de la Marina, 11. Port Olímpic.
    Length: 2 hours or the all day.

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  • Boat hire at Port Fòrum

    Do you fancy sailing along the Barcelona coast? With these boats you won't need a licence and you'll have the entire Mediterranean at your disposal.
    Meeting point: Moll de la Ronda s/n. Port Fòrum.
    Length: 1, 2 or 4 hours.

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  • Sport Boat Barcelona

    Bring together your friends and family and hire a motorboat with a skipper and sail along the Barcelona coast. A great plan for having a good time!
    Meeting point: Moll de la Marina, 11. Port Olímpic.
    Length: 1 or 2 hours.

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  • Aventura Nàutica

    Sail at your leisure through the seas of Barcelona on these boats. No licence is required. You'll feel freer than ever!
    Meeting point: Moll del Gregal. Amarratge 1250-1256, Port Olímpic.
    Length: 1, 2 or 4 hours.

  • Adapted electric boat

    Electric, eco-friendly, perfectly adapted and with no need for a licence, this boat is ideal for people with reduced mobility who want to enjoy the sea at their leisure.
    Meeting point: BDA Sailing Experience. Port Olímpic. Moll de Mestral 2841.
    Length: 1, 2 or 4 hours.

  • Barcelona Sailing Day

    Spend a few hours or an entire day sailing off the coast of Barcelona on board a modern sailing boat and feel the gentle sea breezes.

    Contact: Moll de la Marina. Amarratge 4822, Port Olímpic. | Tel. 932 847 664 |


    From speedboats to yachts, here you'll find the perfect craft to spend the day or a week out at sea.

    Contact: Escullera del Poble Nou, 173 - Port Olímpic (08005 Barcelona) | Tel. 932 217 574 | |

  • Bluemagiccat

    Bespoke experiences for businesses or private individuals on board catamarans, which are ideal due to their stability, spaciousness and comfort. You can add any extras you like!

    Contact: Moll de Mestral, s/n - Port Olímpic (08005 Barcelona) | Tel. 694 451 152 | |

  • Boat Trip Barcelona

    One hour or a full day. Decide how many days you want to sail for and create your own Barcelona bespoke sailing experience.

    Contact: Moll de la Marina - Port Olímpic (08005 Barcelona) | Tel. 693 493 577 | |

  • Godó Luxury Yachts

    Sailing on a yacht takes on a new dimension if it dates from 1926. Choose one of the many experiences and enjoy the sea with more than a touch of glamour.

    Contact: Moll de la Barceloneta, 1. One Ocean Port Vell. (08039 Barcelona) | Tel. 655 235 049 |

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