Mirador de l'Alcalde

The Mirador de l'Alcalde is a belvedere overlooking the sea and the city which boasts spectacular 180º panoramic views. From here, you can play a game of I-spy to identify Barcelona's main landmarks, as if you were looking at a large model of the city.

The Mirador de l'Alcalde has shone out particularly brightly since it reopened in January 2009. This belvedere provides panoramic views of the city and is the ideal spot to discover Barcelona and the harbour. Dotted here and there, the tallest, best-known landmarks rise up among the densely built-up city, while the sea, the harbour and beaches can be viewed with admiration and respect. The Mirador was designed by Joan Josep Tharrats, and opened in 1969 by the mayor Josep Maria Porcioles, to whom it was dedicated.

It comprises a series of terraces set out on different levels which feature a series of attractive gardens and ornamental fountains. A curious mosaic made from shards of recycled glass demarcates the different levels of the belvedere. At the top, there is a cooling fountain designed by Carles Buigas. There are also two noteworthy sculptures: L'Homenatge a Barcelona (Tribute to Barcelona) by the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs, and the popular Sardana, by Josep Cañas. The latter seems to have been dancing forever to welcome visitors to this part of Montjuïc. We can continue to enjoy views from the Montjuïc Cable Car, which stops here and at the castle, which stands just a few metres above the Mirador.

The main highlight for families:
The viewing point is really a garden suffused with light, which is the perfect place to rest. The different levels of the park are connected by steps and paths, and exploring them is an entertaining adventure for all the family.

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