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La Capella

La Capella is an art centre with a twofold purpose: it provides a showcase for emerging artists associated with Barcelona, and shows how their work fits into the context of the city's art ecosystem.

The programme Barcelona Producció, which seeks to foster contemporary art practices, forms its central core, but it also runs three complementary programmes: the study programme, Escoles de context; the art exchange programme, Concèntric; and the community art project, Mediació.

La Capella has four exhibition spaces: the Espai Capella (the iconic space inside the former hospital chapel), the Espai Rampa (a medium-sized room which serves as an art lab) and two spaces for small-scale exhibitions: the Espai Oficina and the Espai Vestíbul. The Espai Finestres is the multipurpose space which is used as an auditorium and a workshop.

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