• Museu de Badalona

Museu de Badalona

The town of Badalona preserves a wide variety of relics and remains that bear witness to the ancient Roman city of Baetulo, including the Casa dels Dofins (House of the Dolphins), the Quinto Licini Garden, the water course, the Casa de l'Heure (House of Ivy) and the foundations of the theatre. Most of them are located under the town's museum, the Museu de Badalona, where you can visit the remains of the public baths and the Decumanus Maximus, one of the most important archaeological ensembles from the Roman era in Catalonia. The museum also has a permanent exhibition showcasing pieces from Baetulo. Highlights include the Venus of Badalona, the hinges from the city gate and the bronze tablet, the Tabula Hospitalis. A visit to these sites is essential if you want to find out about the Roman world in Catalonia.

The museum runs a wide range of tours and visitor trails providing an insight into Badalona's archaeological heritage and history, from the Iberian settlement of Turó d'en Boscà, on the outskirts of the town, to the iconic buildings from the modernista and industrial eras, along with the remains of the ancient city of Baetulo, which allow visitors to relive aspects of everyday life in Roman times.

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