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Museu del Perfum

The "Museu del Perfum" showcases more than 10,000 perfume and essence bottles from different cultures and civilisations. From Egyptian phials, Greek ceramics, Roman and Punic glass, Arabic and Oriental containers, to an interesting collection of essence bottles made of porcelain, glass and fine materials, spanning the 17th to 19th centuries. The museum also has an important collection of bottles produced by the perfume industry. Among the more curious exhibits are a case with two essence bottles that belonged to Queen Marie-Antoinette of France and the bottle "Le Roi Soleil" designed by Salvador Dalí, as well as many pieces that are unique in the world of perfume making.

The purpose of this museum is to show novices, as well people with a knowledge of the history of perfume and art lovers in general, a carefully chosen collection of important pieces set out chronologically, revealing their infinite variety and the imagination that people have lavished on their aromatic creations. As if the sense of sight wanted to pay tribute to the sense of smell.

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