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  • Museu Diocesà - 'The Gaudí Exhibition Center'

Gaudí Exhibition Center-Museu Diocesà

The Museu Diocesà, which incorporates the 4th-century Roman tower and city walls, brings together a collection of over 3,000 works of art, including sculptures, paintings, gold and silverware, ceramics, and a variety of religious clothing, with important examples from the Visigothic and Roman era until the 21st century.

Gaudí Exhibition Center-Diocesan Museum, featuring the "Walking with Gaudí" exhibition, a unique collection of pieces, objects and original documents by the brilliant, world-renowned architect. The exhibition showcases almost a century of international research on Gaudí: the man himself, his work and his revolutionary working methods.

The tour includes an audio-guide plus technological and multimedia support to give a greater understanding of Antoni Gaudí as an artist, and how and why he executed his works.

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