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Barcelona Skibus Alp 2500 01/12/2015

Barcelona is the city of contrasts. It is not big in comparison with different capital city, but very dynamic and international, calm but also very active. It has everything: beautiful architecture, cultural events, sea and finally I saw mountains with snow near Barcelona and decided that this is the best city in the world!

We started our journey at 6:30 in Gran Via. Instead it was a week day a lot of students with ski and snowboards were waiting the bus (actually there were two busses), which help them to achieve their passion. 2 hours – and we were in the place – La Molina, the first from two ski resorts, which together with La Masella, are called Alp 2500.

Skibus Alp 2500

I didn't have anything , because I came from Moscow to study in Barcelona and I didn't think about this possibility. I didn't have neither equipment nor special winter clothes for sports. But it wasn't the problem. Very fast we rent everything (even gloves!) with a very good price. Then we went to the top.

La Molina and la Masella touch each other on the top it the point called tassa. If you want to go to another resort you simply need to take the gondola and go to the top or resort – La Tossa. There you can choose in what resort you want to go down. Both resorts have a lot of slopes for different levels and it is good to beginners or to professionals. I really like that some of slopes (on Masella 80%) are going across forest. It makes them not so windy and very nice. The only minus I can't not to mention, that Alp 2500 don't have any slopes for free ride, but this is important only for some skiers and snowboarders. By the way, snow is quite good here, so you don't feel soft ground but not ice. Most of days of season there is sunny.

Also I really appreciate that there are not a lot of people. In some resorts in France you have to wait 20-30 to catch a lift, but here everything faster and nicer – you really feel freedom on the slope and don't be afraid that someone will crash into you.

Skibus Alp 2500

After skiing there are some places for après-ski. You can choose restaurant and return lost calories through traditional Catalan dishes or to drink something to relax after hard and exciting day.

At 16:00 bus comes back to Barcelona. 2 hours and you can go to the beach to catch sunset. In the morning you touched snow and in the evening – sank. Incredible, isn't it? The place of contrast makes your life very varicolored and exciting. Discover everything around you and take everything from every day!

- By Maria Khodykina -
TVOI GOROD's editor

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