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A childhood under bombardmentExhibitions and activities
09/27/2018 - 05/2019

"A childhood under bombardment" provides a closer understanding of the boys and girls who saw their childhoods cut short by a war that burst in on their lives and changed their world for ever. A war they were dragged into for no reason and maybe, precisely because of that, one that would leave permanent though not always visible scars on those who managed to survive.

The exhibition is structured into three periods. The first conjures up Barcelona of 1938 and the impact of the bombardments on the region and its people. The second focuses on the children who were first-hand witnesses of the conflict, through drawings which express what they witnessed and lived through. The last area delves into the universe of the adults who suffered bombardments as children and the language they have used during the course of their lives to express, as a need and as a commitment, what it is like to try and escape from the bombs.

This narrative thread allows the past to connect with the present and ends up by inviting us, from a contemporary perspective, to reflect on a world in constant conflict.

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