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  • Discover another side of Barcelona at eight iconic establishments

    Barscelona , Gastronomy

    Barcelona has a plethora of wonderful, often unknown places, with a special charm, which stand out from the rest and, because of their history and unique architectural features, have become iconic.


  • Where to find wine served from the barrel in Barcelona

    Gastronomy , Barscelona

    Drinking wine served straight from the barrel is a tradition that has recently made a comeback and is here to stay. In Barcelona there are lots of places to choose from, where you can also enjoy a bite to eat with your chosen glass, in the best company.


  • Drinks Barcelona

    Bars where you can travel back in time


    As we have already mentioned in Historic restaurants and In the hidden jewels of the Raval, Barcelona is full of bars and restaurants that seem frozen in time. Here are some suggestions in case you feel like getting away from the present and landing in the past, even if it’s just for a short time.

  • Harlem Jazz Club

    Bars with live music


    Barcelona has its own distinct melody. It sounds of the sea, of terraces full of people, of the wind blowing down from the mountains, of crowds and the Mediterranean. But if you want to hear its most lingering melody, you won't find it in the streets… you'll have to step inside one of the thousands of bars that resound with the sound of guitars, drums, basses and as many instruments as there are groups in the city.

  • Barcelona's gin and tonic temples


    In five short years, this curious invention, known as gin and tonic has conquered Barcelona's bars; so much so that bottles of gin fill their display cabinets and shelves. Their origins and blends are as varied as the combinations you'll find at the thousands of bars that specialise in serving them.

  • Negroni Barcelona

    Barcelona cocktail bars with pedigree


    Making cocktails can be compared to symphony music because you have to be very precise if you want the mixture to attain the perfect harmony. You can't just mix for the sake of mixing; you have to mix with mathematical rigour and in-depth knowledge. If you want to visit some of the city's shrines to cocktails, keep on reading, sit at the bar and watch how the cocktail waiters in their uniforms perform magic in their laboratories.

  • Els Oblidats. Museu Marítim de Barcelona

    Gastronomy in cultural centres

    Gastronomy , Barscelona

    Gastronomy and culture go hand in hand so much so that Barcelona combines culture with fine dining. You can eat in a Museum or in a unique builing here... the choice is yours!

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