G Experiència

The G Experience offers visitors an interactive immersion into Gaudí's imaginary world, providing a unique sensory experience. Through Augmented Reality and 4D Audiovisuals, viewers can interact with immersive screens, witnessing Gaudí's works come to life with stunning visual effects.

The combination of 4D audiovisuals and Augmented Reality, along with motion-and-effect seating, provides an immersive experience where you can explore how nature inspired the architect's work. Interactive panels available in 9 languages provide detailed information about Gaudí's life and work, adapting to individual preferences and highlighting the uniqueness of the genius.

Visitors can also discover unique models, including those of Park Güell and Hotel Attraction in New York, an unbuilt work from the architect. In addition, touchscreen tablets are available so that young people can enjoy interactive games as part of the experience. The G Experience invites you to discover Gaudí from a renewed perspective, offering visitors an enriching experience.

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