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  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church of Atonement on Tibidabo. Barcelona's Architectural Heritage

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church of Atonement on Tibidabo

Following the visit of the Italian priest and scholar Saint John Bosco to Barcelona at the end of the 19th century, an area of land was allocated on the highest point in Barcelona – Mount Tibidabo – which stands slightly more than 500 metres above sea level. One of the great architects of the day, Enric Sagnier, was commissioned to design a basilica dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that would stand on the top of the hill.

The basilica has a distinctive design consisting of double-height churches – one in the crypt and another above it – which make it an absolute must place to visit. The combination of styles is also truly stimulating: neo-Byzantine, neo-Gothic and modernista. The artists who worked on the project included the sculptor Frederic Marès, Alfons Juyol and the mosaicist Lluis Bru. The stained-glass windows in the upper church feature images of the Virgin Mary, which are widely known in the Catholic world, such as Our Lady of Guadelupe (Mexico) and Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre (Mexico).

The monumental basilica is surmounted by an equally monumental statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus blessing the city from a height of 600 metres. A lift inside takes you to the rooftop and the highest tower. A visit that is the ideal experience to raise the spirits.

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