Teatre Arnau

Teatre Arnau is not quite a theater at the moment, as can be seen by its state of renovation, currently covered in scaffolding. But at some point, sooner rather than later, the theater will reopen its doors.

In fact, Teatre Arnau is actually the story of neighborhood reappropriation. The hope is that this theatre will thrive once more, thanks to the entities and collectives of the performing arts, culture, history, architecture and social movements who are fighting to make this happen.

While it readies itself, Teatre Arnau is, for the moment, an itinerant cultural stage, and is working to create a center dedicated to the history, memory and reinterpretation of the Paral·lel, one of the most dynamic and vibrant of Barcelona's arteries. And in this spirit it runs a cooperative and community project that creates collective initiatives. We hope that very soon it will have a headquarters as brilliant as the resolve behind it.

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