Centre d'Art Amatller

The Centre d'Art Amatller brings you the first immersive experience dedicated to Catalonia's home-grown art nouveau movement, modernisme, and provides a new insight into the history of Barcelona. The Casa Amatller was the first modernista building in the Eixample and its digital museum brings you immersive audiovisuals and augmented and virtual reality experiences alongside a traditional museum, to create a new way of showing the connections between art, history and society.

With a floor space covering an area of almost 2000 m2 and set out on two floors, the museum gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the permanent experience BARCELONA 1900, which takes them on a unique journey through the origins of modernisme, the movement that played a key role in the rebirth of Catalan identity and the transformation of Barcelona into a modern city that has become a world-class cultural, artistic and tourism hub.

You can also visit the temporary immersive experience which changes throughout the year.


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