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Event ended (3-5/2/2023). Dates 2024 not yet confirmed

Running since 2012, Llum BCN is one of the leading European lighting arts festivals that aims to counter the darkness of the night with the splendour of light (llum means 'light' in Catalan) reflected on some of the city's most beautiful buildings and spaces. The citizens of Barcelona will soon be able to discover the force that light has to transform public spaces through artistic installations, projections and mappings such as Another Moon by Kimchi and Chips, We Harvest Wind by Thijs Biersteker or Atmospheric Lighthouse, which will be installed in Torre Glòries and will allow real-time viewing of the state of the atmosphere. One of the most renowned artists in the edition will be the British of Indian origin Chila Kumari Singh Burman who, with her work of neon sculptures Liberty and Light, will fuse the pacifist message of the Guernica by Pablo Picasso with the iconography of his rich Hindu-Panjabi cultural heritage.

And as a demonstration of Barcelona's emerging talent, students from 14 of the city's colleges of art, lighting, design and architecture are using nothing else but light to present their intervention projects in the space. Overall, it provides us with a reflection on art, society and new technologies - in short, contemporary life. Don't miss it!


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