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Pablo Picasso and the publishers Gustavo Gili Exhibitions and activities
11/23/2018 - 03/31/2019

The relationship between Pablo Picasso and the Barcelona publishers Gustavo Gili and Anna Maria Torra, set against the backdrop of the city of Barcelona, can now be studied thanks to a collection of works from the publisher's archives donated to the Picasso Museum in 2014. Some of the works in this collection are unpublished and on show to the general public for the first time. They represent vital works and documents for exploring Picasso's relationship with Barcelona, especially during the second half of the 20th century. The Picasso Museum has made an in-depth study of the different works that make up this artistic collection which give an important insight into Picasso's creative processes with regard to graphic arts and his love of books, as well as the significant work carried out by publishers Gustavo Gili.

12th February: Open doors at the Picasso Museum.

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