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Family activities at CaixaforumFamily activities

The commitment of Caixaforum to art, music, cinema and to culture as a whole, also includes a carefully planned and permanent programme addressed to children. This initiative offers leisure and fun, but also discovery and reflection for children. Caixaforum is very much aware that curiosity for learning and discovering is a natural skill in childhood, which must be used and channelled.

And nothing better for this than workshops, performances, story reading, films, intellectual activities, dance, music.... an endless number of all types of activities to introduce children to the vast and enthralling world of artistic events.


Family visits: "Everything that happens to you inside: The poetics of emotional expression". Expositions. From February 7th to May 19th.
Family visits: "Trip for a self-portrait: Max Beckmann". Expositions. From February 21st to May 26th.
Quiric. Permanent act. Weekends and bank holidays, from 10am to 8pm.
Family Visits: "Meet Caixaforum Barcelona". Permanent act.
Art in Play. Permanent act. Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm.

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