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La CastanyadaPopular festivals, Food and Wine
10/31/2019 - 11/01/2019

La Castanyada is a traditional festival that is deeply rooted in Catalonia and celebrated on 1st November, All Saint’s Day. People get together and hold parties where they eat chestnuts – castanyes in Catalan –,panellets - small balls of almond paste coated in pine nuts –, sweet potatoes and other autumnal produce.
You can make panellets at home or buy them in the bakeries of Barcelona.

This public holiday is celebrated with family, friends and even in schools. It is often accompanied by chestnuts and panellets (traditional marzipan cookies) served with sweet dessert wine. Around the time of this celebration, specialist vendors take to the streets to sell their hot freshly-roasted chestnuts.
The Castanyada (Chestnut Festival) and All Saints Day indicate that summer is over and that colder weather is on the way.

Celebrate the traditional All Saints Day at the Mirador de Colom Enotourism and Wine Information Center. Come on October 31th to the monument and do a wine or cava tasting accompanied by a panellets from Forn Elias 1917 and Forn Mistral.

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