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Open air film festivalFilm, Summer evenings
06/29/2018 - 08/03/2018

With the arrival of the summer the people of Barcelona enjoy movies in an original and appealing way. The sessions of "Cinema a la fresca" (Outdoor movie) in the Castell de Montjuïc (Montjuïc's Castle) are already a classic of this city. They give people the opportunity to watch important and outstanding movies of the international movie scene from comfortable reclining chairs and to enjoy live music during the picnic prior to the showings. For five weeks, every Wednesday and Friday, the Sala Montjuïc offers a selection of movies in original version with subtitles. This year the selection includes titles such as, ...

29/6: Tierra firme - concert by Mazoni.
2/7: Lion - concert by Angela Suárez Quartet.
4/7: Tres anuncios en las afueras - concert by Blueroomess.
6/7: West Side Story - concert by Big Pocket Orchestra.
9/7: Dunkerque - concert by Crazy Red Balls.
11/7: Call me by your name - concert by Los Carosones.
13/7: El Cameraman - concert by Acoustic Guiri Explosion.
16/7: Psicosis - concert by Guido di Blasi "New Tango Project"
18/7: La forma del agua - concert by Hawaii Calls.
20/7: Manchester frente al mar - concert by Maio de Sal.
23/7: Snatch: cerdos y diamantes - concert by Ganzá.
25/7: La tumba de las luciérnagas - concert by Banda Municipal de Barcelona.
27/7: El hilo invisible - concert by Mr. Shingles.
30/7: El viajante - concert by Hamsa Hamsa.
1/8: Comanchería - concert by Lucía i Horacio Fumero.
3/8: Surprise movie - concert by Tumchak.

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