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Tàpies. The zen imprint - Fundació Antoni TàpiesMain Events 2024, Tàpies. 100 years
12/13/2023 - 06/26/2024

Fundació Tàpies presents an exhibition focusing on Antoni Tàpies' deep interest in the work of 18th- and 19th-century Japanese monks, the bearers of Zen Buddhist teachings. The exhibition explores how Tàpies integrated into his Western language the attitudes, images and techniques of artists such as Hakuin, Sengai, Jiun, Tori and Rengetsu. This influence is evident in works from the 1970s onwards, with his return to the brush in the 1980s being particularly noteworthy. The exhibition presents a selection of paintings, ceramics and drawings from the collection together with national and international loans, illustrating the lasting impact of Tàpies' engagement with Japanese art.

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