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  • Fotograma de 'Did I Say Hairdressing? I Meant Astrophysics', 1998

Once upon a time Leeds Animation WorkshopExhibitions, Film
07/08/2023 - 10/15/2023

The Leeds Animation Workshop was set up in 1978 and it is a feminist cooperative company that creates independent films about social issues.  For the first time at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, an exhaustive review of their filmography is presented internationally. The LAW collective uses animation as a means of expression, and over the years has been changing roles, the form of production and technique, but still maintaining the intellectual and social commitment that characterizes it. From their first short film Who Needs Nurseries? We Do! of 1978, which criticized the lack of public preschool nurseries in the Margaret Thatcher era, LAW has been producing animated films with a strong social message for more than 40 years, but always in an entertaining and humorous way.

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