Things to do / Agenda / Domènech i Montaner 100 / Maria Arnal and Eduard Escofett/ sound and poetry
  • Maria Arnal | © CCCB, 2020. Autor: Miquel Taverna.

Maria Arnal and Eduard Escofett/ sound and poetryDomènech i Montaner 100 , Music

This artistic pill designed for a small audience is a collaboration between the singer and composer Maria Arnal and the poet Eduard Escoffet, and they have been invited this season by the Palau de la Música Catalana. Together they combine recorded voice and live voice, as well as other sound elements, for a singular show at the Palau de la Música. For this performance, moreover, the audience sits on stage and experiences the auditorium in a different way as they let themselves be carried away by a sound universe that multiplies and superimposes the voices and calls on the muses to manifest themselves.

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