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MusicAeterna & CurrentzisDomènech i Montaner 100 , Music

In addition to being a visionary architect, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, as the multifaceted man that he was, had a special affinity music and for the great composers. The Palau de la Música has organized a series of concerts to commemorate the centenary of his death. The iconoclastic conductor Teodor Currentzis returns to Barcelona with his musicaAeterna to conduct two unique pieces: Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique and Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss, a commemorative work composed towards the end of World War II following the destruction of the National Theatre in Munich. Domènech i Montaner also worked with the idea of metamorphosis: El Palau is without doubt a good example of a monument erected on the basis of ancient arts and introducing modern techniques.

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