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  • Mouse embryo at day 13 of development. Laboratory of Stem Cell and Neurovascular Research - National

Brain(s) - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCBExhibitions, Science and innovation
07/27/2022 - 12/11/2022

The brain and its mysteries are the protagonists of this exhibition. This exhibition at the CCCB (Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre) looks at how philosophy, art, and science have portrayed this fascinating organ throughout history. Thus, Brain(s) explores both the anatomic and abstract brain (thought, imagination, dreams, memory, etc). This exhibition also looks beyond the human mind, focusing on artificial, animal, and collective intelligence through 300 works including immersive installations of contemporary art, films, and scientific research projects. An extensive network of researchers, creators, and thinkers are involved in the Brain(s) project, both in the exhibition and in developing a program of activities that includes a cycle of films, public debates, and mediation workshops.

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