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Homage to Picasso. Vallauris, 1972 - Espais VolartExhibitions
05/19/2022 - 10/02/2022

In 1971, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, the high visibility of Picasso's work was accompanied by a series of attacks on his work and related institutions by pro-Franco groups who saw his piece " Sueño y mentira de Franco" [Dream and Lie of Franco] as an "insult to the highest authority of the nation". Engravings by the artist were destroyed in the Theo Gallery in Madrid, there were attacks on the Antonio Machado, Visor and Cinc d'Oros bookstores, which were celebrating the artist in their windows, and a fire was set in the Taller de Picasso Gallery. All this violence triggered a tribute to the painter by the young gallery owner Santiago Palet, who invited visual artists, musicians, writers, as well as cinema and theater folk to create a piece of doily art dedicated to Picasso. Today, Fundació Vila Casas has acquired 400 of these artworks and they can be seen in the exhibition "Homage to Picasso. Vallauris, 1972". These works include contributions by more than 270 national and international artists, such as Rafael Alberti, Joan Brossa, Alexander Calder, Pau Casals, Equipo Crónica, Sonia Delaunay, Juan Genovés, Hans Hartung, Wilfredo Lam, Joan Miró, Pablo Neruda and Antoni Tàpies, among many others.

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