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  • Si Volse Retro. Museu Europeu d'Art Modern - MEAM -

Si volse a RetroExhibitions
03/31/2022 - 06/26/2022

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern - MEAM - is organizing an exhibition that pays tribute to his most famous work, The Divine Comedy. The pictorial representation of his work is almost unfathomable, and on this occasion, the exhibition focuses on the works of the Spanish painter Jordi Díaz Alamà in collaboration with the Polish sculptor Grzegroz Gwiazda. Specifically, the exhibition "Si volse a Retro" revolves around the different scenes of Dante's Inferno from The Divine Comedy, materializing Dante's most striking imagery. It consists of large-scale works that explore abstract and experimental resources to sublimate Dante's infernal landscape.

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