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  • Error 404. Esther Paniagua

  • EXPO Metamorfosis. Tatiana Blanqué.

Casa SEATScience and innovation, Exhibitions
07/09/2021 - 12/31/2021

Casa SEAT is a space that combines mobility and culture. This meeting brings together a number of activities including exhibitions, food and music, along with the desire to discover the future of mobility through events that explore creative movement and spaces of connection.

Activities November 2021

  • Enjoy your drive. Mobility Trends. Several sessions.
  • EXPO Metamorfosis. Urban Culture. From 3 to 25 November.
  • Cafés literarios: Alberto Garcia Alix. Urban Culture. 8 November, at 6:30pm,
  • Esther Paniagua presenta Error 404. Urban Culture. 9 November, at 6:30pm,
  • LOOP BCN: Perfirmance de Blanca Arias. Urban Culture. 10 November, at 7:30pm.
  • El Periódico Afterwork: Carles Sans. Urban Culture. 11 November, at 7pm.
  • Autumn Sessions: Aiala. Urban Culture. 13 November, at 12 noon.
  • Masterclass de Daniele Callegari: Rigoletto. Urban Culture. 13 November, at 6pm.
  • Women decision-making in urban mobility. Mobility Trends. 15 November, at 5pm. (in English)
  • La política entre la realidad y la ficción: Pedro Vallín e Iván Redondo. Cultura. 16 November, at 6:30pm,
  • Alice Charles: smart cities y sostenibilidad. Sustainability. 17 November, at 6:30pm,
  • Conversaciones Hardvard Deusto: Límites y retos de la Inteligencia Artificial. Networking. 18 November, at 9:30am.
  • David Escamilla en concierto. Urban Culture. 19 November, at 7pm.
  • Autumn Sessions: Jo Jet i Maria Ribot. Urban Culture. 20 November, at 6:30pm,
  • Future Makers by TimeOut: Una cita el 2030. Urban Culture. 23 November, at 5pm.
  • Jornada Blockchain: Euro digital, criptoactivos y finanzas descentralizadas. Networking. 24 November, at 5pm.

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