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  • Miliciana en una barricada del carrer Hospital, 25 de juliol de 1936, Antoni Campañà, 1936

La guerra infinita. Antoni CampañàMain Events, Exhibitions
06/18/2021 - 09/30/2021

The MNAC is presenting an exhaustive exhibition split into several spaces under the common theme of the Spanish Civil War. Under the heading "Art and Conflict, Exile and Memory and Safeguarding and Destruction of Heritage", the exhibition brings together various approaches to be shown throughout the year. On the one hand, there is a vast selection of photographs of the war taken by Antoni Campañà, which were recently discovered hidden in a red box in a house in Sant Cugat. Compiled under the title “The Infinite War. Antoni Campañà. The Tensions of a Gaze (1906-1989)", these works portray a tragic reality full of nuance that Campañà himself hid after the end of the war. To complete this journey through 20th century Spain's darkest chapter, the MNAC will devote a hall to explaining how works of art were safeguarded during the conflict, through the Barcelona-Olot-Paris corridor, entitled "Safeguarding and organisation of the Catalan artistic heritage (1936-1939)". Finally, there will also be an installation involving two life-sized replicas of aircraft that took part in the war, thanks to a project by Francesc Torres. Everything is presented from a perspective that encourages reflection on the parallels between the Spanish Civil War and the conflicts and their consequences today.

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