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Miró-ADLAN. An archive of modernity (1932-1936)Main Events, Exhibitions
03/12/2021 - 07/04/2021

The ADLAN group (Amics de l'Art Nou [Friends of New Art]) was a group of artists and intellectuals who, in the Republican Barcelona of the 1930s, adopted Joan Miró as the principal standard-bearer of the modernity they wished to champion. While in the rest of Europe modernity was already endorsed by groups of critics and collectors, Spain was struggling to accept it. The exhibition “Miró-ADLAN. An archive of modernity (1932-1936)" features a series of documents and materials brought together from various public and private centers, allowing us to see how this group played a key role in constructing modernity in Catalonia. Its advocacy included over fifty events spanning all artistic disciplines, including painting, architecture, music, dance, circus arts, photography, film and more.

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