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  • Authorship unknown Portraits of a woman and a man, ca.1840-1860 Case with two daguerreotypes from the Ángel Fuentes de Cía collection

La Mirada Captiva (The Captive Gaze)Main Events 2021, Exhibitions and activities
02/18/2021 - 05/16/2021

The daguerreotype was the first known photographic procedure and consisted of capturing the image on a polished silver surface. These silver plates created major fascination in the mid-nineteenth century, especially in urban environments, as they were the first signs that the human sould could be "captured". Fundación MAPFRE has launched the exhibition "The Captive Gaze" with 104 images from the Gerona City Council's Image Research and Dissemination Center (CDRI), which are of major relevance and variety. This exhibition is also the beginning of a series of exhibitions focused on showing the most important Catalan photographic collections. We can also see the instruments used with daguerreotypes.

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