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The universe of Jean ProuvéMain Events, Exhibitions
07/15/2021 - 10/31/2021

Frenchman Jean Prouvé is one of the industrial design world's 20th century most illustrious figures. A blacksmith, builder, architect and designer, Prouvé worked with architects such as Robert Mallet-Stevens, Eugène Beaudouin, Marcel Lods, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, and owns some emblematic buildings such as the prefabricated buildings La Maison Métropole, La Maison Coc and La Maison des Jours Meilleurs. Caixaforum is dedicating a chronological retrospective of him in which we can appreciate his work but also his reflections and his way of understanding his task, always focused on the industrialization of construction and the mass production of furniture. All of the above with the objective of creating products for the largest number of people possible

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