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  • Tres Tombs in Barcelona.

Tres Tombs ParadeMain Events 2024, With the family
01/14/2024 - 01/20/2024

Event finished

Closely related to Carnival, the Tres Tombs feast is held –at least since 1826– in Sant Antoni neighbourhood, the heart of Eixample district.
In homage to muleteers, wagoners and peasant farmers, the horse parade is performed by ancient carriages animal drawn and several riders. It always appears the Unitat Muntada de la Guàrdia Urbana (Horse Guards of the local police) and riders who escort Sant Antoni and Santa Eulàlia flags, the co-patron saint of the city. But, overall, there are amazing carriages such as a firefighter truck driven by horses, the Imperial carriage of the funeral services, a delivery carriage for wineskins, one for the rice growers and some other historical ones from Barcelona and other Catalan cities.
The parade finishes in Plaça Sant Jaume, when the local authorities welcome the entourage.

14th January: Tres Tombs de Sant Andreu del Palomar.
20th January: Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni.

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