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Art in Barcelona: the opening of the new exhibition season in art galleriesExhibitions and activities
09/17/2020 - 11/30/2020

Wander the streets of Barcelona city and you'll quickly realise how important art is here. It's not just the myriad examples of street art, with open-air sculptures old and new, cutting-edge graffiti and world-famous architecture, but also the sheer number of art galleries and museums that the Catalan capital is home to.

To celebrate this close relationship between Barcelona and the artistic world, the Gremi de Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (an association that supports and promotes 42 prestigious art galleries from across the region, and is marking its 42nd anniversary) proposes you to follow the new exhibition season this autumn.

Fourteen of Catalonia's art galleries will be starting the 2020-2021 season on Thursday 17th September to tie in with Barcelona Gallery Weekend, the international event that brings you the best in contemporary art in the city.

The event marks the launch of the Catalan art galleries season on 28th September that will feature some forty exhibitions showcasing different styles of art from across Catalonia. The season will run until 30th November.

Come, take a walk around the city, and discover the art of Barcelona!


"Cuirasses". Galeria d'art Anquin's.
"Guayasamín i els seus amics catalans". GOTHSLAND Galeria d'Art.
"Superficie y fondos". Pigment Gallery.
"Llums i ombres. Richard Hambleton". Imaginart Gallery.
"Madalvar - El artista siempre pierde". Galeria Artevistas.
"D'Ací i d'Allà". A34.
"L'art del buit: ceramistes contemporanis". Artur Ramon Art.
"El Temps i l'Espai". Galeria d'Art Dolors Junyent.
"Vanguardia Post Guerra Civil". Galería de Arte David Cervelló.
"Exposición Colectiva". Lorena Ruiz de Villa Contemporary Art.
"TierRaízSol". Olivart Art Gallery.
"Construccions". Sala Dalmau.
"Contrallums". Sala Rusiñol.
"Símbols, l'Obsessió - Miró i Tàpies". Galeria Cortina.

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