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La Mercè 2020Popular festivals, Streaming activities
09/23/2020 - 09/27/2020

This September, Barcelona will be celebrating its big festival, in honour of its patron saint, with a special programme of events. This year's festival has reinvented itself with a cultural calendar adapted to the current situation with reduced-capacity venues and free admission. Pre-booking is essential.

Barcelona and its community will be the protagonists of La Mercè 2020 which will be committed to local talent. You'll be able to enjoy 300 events brought to you by 150 companies in the ten districts of the city in a decentralised format.

Mercè Música, BAM and BAM Cultura Viva will be organising the music events. Most of the performers will be local but there will be others taking part from the rest of Spain and around the world. This year's performances will be held in the morning at 14 venues around the city, including Camp Nou, Park Güell, La Model, and the usual venues, Fabra i Coats, Parc del Fòrum and the Antiga Fàbrica Damm.

La Mercè will also be hosting rescheduled events, including the dance festival, the Quinzena de la Dansa Metropolitana, the book festival, Món Llibre, and the Grec Festival.

La Mercè will end, as always, with the traditional firework and music festival, the Piromusical, an explosion of light and sound that has become one of the city's most eagerly awaited and most widely acclaimed events. This year it is being held in a decentralised format with firework displays in the four corners of the city which you'll be able to watch at home on TV.

The quay, the Moll de l'Assot, will also be hosting traditional cultural events, although, this year, there won't be the traditional processions, fire running and human tower displays.

To comply with all the health and safety measures put in place by the authorities, the activities will be held from 11am to 10pm. Pre-booking is essential for all activities, which are free of charge.

Booking calendar:

8th September, booking opens for BAM.
9th September, booking opens for Música Mercè.
14th September, booking opens for the Festival MAC and Tradicional.

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