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Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Bolero, RavelClassical music and Opera
01/10/2020 - 01/24/2020

There are classical music pieces that are universally recognizable, even for audiences with little knowledge of this type of music. They are masterpieces in the history of classical music, which have reached us all, owing to their sensitivity, their poetry and their harmonious melodies. The Symphonic Orchestra is bringing two of them to the Palau de la Música: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons and Ravel's Bolero. The Four Seasons is one of this Italian composer's most famous and well known pieces. In this work, the composer was able to put music to the feelings that the four seasons evoked in him. With “Bolero”, the French composer Ravel created one of the most virtuoso pieces of orchestral music ever composed. We now have the chance to listen to them both in the same evening.

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