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Estrella MorenteFlamenco

The daughter of Enrique Morente shines like a star and is worthy of her surname... and her name. The essence of flamenco comes from her flamenco singer father, a loyal follower of traditional music, but who revitalized the art and found harmony between the head and the heart. Estrella Morente is now taking on the copla, following her triumphant performances in March at the Gran Teatro del Liceu. Her album “Copla”, her first studio album after three long years, covers the most emblematic songs of this style of music, ranging from “Ay pena, penita!”, by Antonio Vargas Heredia, or “El día que nací yo” to “Amante de abril y mayo”, by Quintero, León y Quiroga. A challenge taken on by the greats of this genre such as Concha Piquer, Lola Flores and Imperio Argentina and which this cantaora performs respectfully and free of any prejudice.

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