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Welcome to the countrysideFamily activities
06/01/2019 - 06/02/2019

Most people spend their lives cut off from the countryside, from the source of our food and a from a life beyond the big city. And yet, reconnecting with nature is vital in order not to lose the essence of who we are. The initiative Bienvenidos a “pagès” (Welcome to the countryside) is a weekend during which farmers and country folk from all over Catalonia welcome you into their homes, fields and farms to show off their flocks, crops, workshops and products such as honey, cheese, fruit and vegetables to anybody who might be interested. Fishermen also offer to show you round their boats and to give an insight into their daily lives. A unique opportunity to get to know where our food comes from and the people who make it possible. In order to experience it to the full, the weekend will include the possibility of visiting agribusiness concerns, special tasting menus in restaurants featuring local produce, special offers on rural accommodation and many more complementary activities.

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