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  • Il Cavaliere, la Morte e il Diavolo, 1513

  • San Cristoforo, 1511

Dürer, master of the RenaissanceExhibitions and activities
2019 - 05/2019

Dürer, one of the most influential German artists in the history of art, master of drawing, perspective and proportion, had a strong influence on the whole of European art.

Now, at the Gaudí Exhibition Center we can enjoy a series of small format monographic prints based on the Passion of Christ. The exhibition is a clear example of how Dürer used the technique of dry point etching on copper plates to fantastic effect. Furthermore, Dürer's painstaking attention to small details is the perfect demonstration of this technique.

This tribute to the figure of Christ highlights both his spirituality and his majesty.

Also, to round off your visit, you can see more works by Dürer in the Royal Artistic Circle and in the Chapter House of Barcelona Cathedral.

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