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Bermejo. The 15th century rebel geniusExhibitions and activities
02/15/2019 - 05/19/2019

For the first time, the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the National Prado Museum are organizing a monographic exhibition on Bartolomé Bermejo, an exceptional painter from the Gothic period of the 15th century.

Notable among the 40 works gathered together for the exhibition are Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil from The National Gallery in London, the Pietà Desplà from Barcelona Cathedral and the altarpiece panel of St Dominique de Silos from the Prado Museum. His work is remarkable for its extraordinary technique and iconographic originality.

The exhibition is showing in the Prado Museum from 9 October 2018 until 27 January 2019 and then, after passing through Barcelona, a selection of the works will be exhibited in the National Gallery during the summer of 2019.

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