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ACTE 40: Sinéad Spelman. Descanso en la huidaExhibitions and activities
11/29/2018 - 01/13/2019

The Suñol Foundation, apart from the temporary exhibitions that it houses in order to display some of the pieces from Josep Suñol's collection of contemporary art, also has an annex space called Nivell Zero that it uses to promote the production of avant-garde art.

This time at Nivell Zero we find the Irish artist Sinéad Spelman, presenting work created specifically for the Suñol Foundation.

It is an exhibition that focuses on drawing, writing and sculpture presented from an intimate point of view while also exploring collective emotional states. The characters she creates display passive yet defiant attitudes. Sometimes these bodies seem incomplete, thus making them unsuitable for the incessant machine of production.

Free guided tour the 12th January 2019 at 6pm (limited places).

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