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  • Pablo Picasso. 'Composició humorística. Jaume Sabartés i Jacqueline Pierreux'. c. 1957. Llapis grassos de colors sobre paper imprès de revista. 35,3 x 26,2 cm. Museu Picasso, Barcelona.Donació Jaume Sabartés, 1964. MPB 70.676. Museu Picasso, Barcelon

Sabartés by Picasso by SabartésExhibitions and activities
11/23/2018 - 03/31/2019

Jaume Sabartés was Pablo Picasso's lifelong friend and confidante. And a great deal more: biographer, writer, translator, teacher and an intellectual politically committed to his times he, along with the artist, founded the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It is now 50 years since his death and the Picasso Museum intends to reassert his claim to fame and demonstrate his constant influence on the life and work of Picasso.

12th February: Open doors at the Picasso Museum.

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