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  • Ivana Franke. 'Disorientation Station (Black)' 2016

In the Open or in StealthExhibitions and activities
10/30/2018 - 03/17/2019

Through a mediation program entitled the "Personae Project", by which MACBA will be holding direct discussions with the people of Barcelona, the museum is launching "Al descubierto o a escondidas" (In the Open or in Stealth), an initiative curated by the Raqs Media Collective that will explore a concept of the future in which multiple stories and geographies enter into dialogue. These urban stories will be published online and informal meetings will be held. Using all the stories from this spread of people, the project provides a reflection on our own lives and the complexities of coexistence. It represents a point at which art intersects with historical research and philosophical speculation.

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