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Autumn in the art galleries -I Like ArtExhibitions and activities
10/01/2018 - 11/03/2018

Wander the streets of Barcelona city and you'll quickly realise how important art is here. It's not just the myriad examples of street art, with open-air sculptures old and new, cutting-edge graffiti and world-famous architecture, but also the sheer number of art galleries and museums that the Catalan capital is home to.

To celebrate this close relationship between Barcelona and the artistic world, the Gremi de Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (an association that supports and promotes more than 46 prestigious art galleries from across the region, and is marking its 40th anniversary) has organised another edition of its 'I like Art' campaign. It is the opening of the new season, where you will enjoy the varied offer of the art galleries of the city and also more than 48 exhibitions, with works from several artists, inspired by the figure of Josep Guinovart, one of the leading exponents of avant-garde plastic arts in Catalonia and Spain. From October 1 to November 3 and under the name of Certamen Miró&Art, works will be exhibited at galleries that are taking part.

Come, take a walk around the city, and discover the art of Barcelona!

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